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Form Traveller - A17 above Mondego River

Astecil has adjudicated to Strukturent the rental services for the new Form Traveller Mondego to be used at A17 project - Portugal. (...)

Launching Gantry

The LG is a movable assembly gantry for segmental bridges. Our gantry has been specially developed with a view to adaptability to complex bridge curvature. This has been achieved by means of a hinged joint between the main girders in the supporting structure. This invention has been used in a number of highly projects in Asia and the USA with bridge spans of up to 60m and radii of as little as 75m. The Strukturas LG is available in both underslung and overhead versions for both the infill and balanced cantilever method.

The optimized design of the STRUKTURAS-LG leads to an economical, reliable and safe solution for your segmental bridge designs.

Both the overhead and underslung LG consist of two independent self-supporting main structures combined with advanced lifting equipment, creating an exceptionally flexible system for both the balanced cantilever and the span-by-span method.

Some of the STRUKTURAS-LG special design solutions are:
• Division of the Main Girder into three sections or more and implemention of a unique hinged connection for both overlane and underlane Gantries have made it possible to erect superstructures with extremely tight curves.
• The hinged connection enables the Main Girder to be kept at one elevation, allowing the Gantry Crane to pick up segments from the superstructure already erected, the current span or even from the next span.
• Our "glue-as-you-go" procedure is a special erection method for wet-joint segmental bridges. A stiff Main Girder allows limited pre-loading of the Gantry, avoiding time-consuming double handling.

For more information please check some Technical Documents and Images about this solution.

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