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Form Traveller - A17 above Mondego River

Astecil has adjudicated to Strukturent the rental services for the new Form Traveller Mondego to be used at A17 project - Portugal. (...)

Overhead LG

A symmetrical system allows turnaround of the LG without dismantling and reerection. A special gantry crane, able to travel over hinges, combined with a 360-degree horizontal bearing on the bottom block, allows very flexible and smooth segment installation.

Tower elements placed below the support beams allow substantial changes in the longitudinal slope. This facilitates compensation for elevation differences to neighbouring bridges and repositioning of the LG in a vertical direction by "vertical climbing" of the LG.

Easy extension of the support beam for overhead Launching Gantries makes sideways movement of the whole system to the neighbouring bridge or over existing superstructures possible.

For more information please check some Technical Documents and Images about this solution.

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